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We serve several hundred businesses in Poland and abroad, which save money and time in exchanging currencies on 

  • Save on spreads

Spreads on are lower even by several dozen groszys compared to banks' or regular currency exchange bureaus' offer. Use a calculator and check how much your business will gain on currency exchange.

  • Benefits from currency crosses

Save on currency crosses. You can exchange funds denominated in one foreign currency directly into funds denominated in another one, e.g. EUR into USD, EUR into NOK or USD into RUB. Select currency pairs used in your business

  • Save on currency transfer fees

Minimize fund withdrawal costs! On it's from USD 0 up to USD 3 at most. Transfer fees are fixed and independent of transfer value, unlike for transactions made in banks. You can withdraw your foreign currency directly into a bank account, whether at home or abroad. We process different bank standards, including non-European ones. More: “To what bank, when and for how much?”.

  • Exchange without any limits

Exchange as much as and whenever you like. offers attractive exchange rates, does not impose any limits and negotiates rates. offers an opportunity to legally exchange more than EUR 15,000 without using bank accounts. 

  • Notifications and registration of exchange, transfer and withdrawal transactions

The system notifies of transactions with free text messages. It offers quick export into accounting applications and automatic balance confirmation. It automatically issues accounting documents in an electronic form. They can be easily downloaded and printed. The history of payments and withdrawals can be checked online after logging into the system.   

Select currency pairs & check our currency exchange rates.

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