We process transactions with all banks

  • Payments of funds for exchange

Using inkantor.pl, you can transfer funds for exchange from any bank at home or abroad. 
Before you transfer funds for exchange, log into the system, move to the Finance tab >> bank accounts and provide details of your bank accounts for a given currency.  They will be the only accounts from which we will accept and post funds for exchange in your wallet.

For payments, it is essential that the account details (first name and surname or business name and account number) provided with the transfer from your bank are consistent with the details of your own account defined on our website.

We do not accept payments from third-party or company accounts. 

  • Withdrawal of funds after exchange 

You can withdraw all or a portion of funds after exchange in one of 17 target currencies offered by inkantor.pl into a previously defined (national or foreign) bank account, Finance tab >> bank accounts).

Inkantor.pl allows transfers funds after exchange into bank accounts of different standards, e.g. other than the popular IBAN standard.
In ordering a withdrawal of funds from our online exchange bureau, you can use 4 fields to provide the description of the bank transfer (outgoing transfer). The information is automatically sent to the recipient's bank and will be recorded in the recipient's bank system as description of a given transfer received. 

It takes from 15 minutes up to 3 days to process a withdrawal. 
We process withdrawals to all banks at home and abroad. 
Further details can be found in the “To what bank, when and for how much?” section.