We offer cheap, safe and prompt currency exchange online. Over a few recent years has traded hundreds of millions of zlotys' worth of currencies. We provide our services, e.g. to people who pay their foreign currency loans or leave Poland for employment or tourism purposes. is also a perfect solution for businesses and institutions willing to substantially lower the costs of foreign trade with their partners.

Saving on

  • convenient currency exchange at competitive rates
  • direct exchange – currently, 101 cross pairs 
  • no fees or charges for currency accounts or high costs of currency transfers; you will transfer your money directly from to any bank in the world without additional fees
  • postponed orders – automatic purchase or sale of currencies at the most convenient time, even if you are not online
  • currency exchange processes separated from withdrawal requests
  • no fees for urgent transfers, as usually charged in banks. makes it easier:                                                                                                                       

  • funds are received on the following business day – all withdrawal requests are treated as urgent D+1
  • no cash circulation problems
  • no limits on currency exchange – regardless of the scale of business, currency or country where a bank account is held

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