How to

How it works

  • 01 Free registration on the website

Go to “Become a client”, enter your email address and set a password. Confirm registration by clicking the link received by e-mail. Log in, complete your profile and set a password for the Finance section, which is an additional protection measure for your data. The system will request you to provide your telephone number for SMS codes.
Define bank accounts, providing:
a) numbers of “Own” accounts in national or foreign banks – they are used to send currencies for exchange and send funds after the exchange,
b) numbers of “Third-party outgoing” accounts in national or foreign banks – they are used only to withdraw funds from (e.g. an account for paying loan instalments or accounts owned by other persons or businesses).

Remember, you can use for free. We don't charge any registration or account maintenance fees. 
Details: How to start exchanging currencies with

  • 02 Transfer of funds to be exchanged from a personal bank account into our account (Wallet top-up)

Go to the START tab in the transaction section. At the bottom of the "Currency wallet" section, click “Deposit” next to the currency that you want to exchange. 
Remember that you can transfer funds only from bank accounts designated as your own, i.e. accounts that you own or co-own. Payments made from other sources will be reversed. Transfer details (first name and surname or business name) must correspond to the details of the owner of an account registered in 
Promptly after a given payment is posted, you will receive a text message with a top-up confirmation. The system posts payments on business days from 8:00 am to 6.30 pm.

  • 03 Online currency exchange transaction

Go to the START tab in the top part of the transaction section. Click “Buy” or “Sell”. 
After a transaction is approved, you will receive an exchange confirmation e-mail. At all times you can access an electronic version of documents (.pdf) evidencing the exchange transaction. On you can trade 17 foreign currencies. Currently, we are offering 101 cross currency pairs.

  • 04 Withdrawal of funds into a personal bank account after a foreign exchange transaction (text message authorisation code)

We accept all requests for withdrawal 24 hours a day. 
When requesting a withdrawal of a given currency, you specify the amount and the bank account to which it is to be transferred. If the account has been previously marked as trusted, there is no need for an SMS-code authorisation.
All withdrawal requests submitted on a business day before 12:00 am are sent as urgent on the same day. The money should be posted in the recipient's bank on the next business day between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm at the latest.
Details: “To what bank, when and for how much?”.  

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