1. All funds from payments made by clients are deposited in bank accounts held by one bank. The accounts into which clients make advance are used only for users' operations.

2. Operations related to business are carried out through other accounts.

3. Payments are identified and posted automatically based on unique remitters' bank account numbers previously registered in the system.
4. The website is protected with a password set during user registration. The password must consist of at least 6 characters, including at least one letter, one number and one special character (!@#$%^*()_+)

5. Access to the Finance section that allows a mobile phone number (token) to be changed and bank account to be defined requires providing an additional password.

6. Withdrawal requests are authenticated with unique SMS codes as in e-banking systems.

7. is a stable company with PLN 2,150,000 in fully paid-up share capital.

8. is supervised by the Ministry of Finance (Chief Inspector of Financial Information). The company also runs a regular currency exchange business at Rubież 46 in Poznań, and has been entered into the Register of Currency Exchange Institutions maintained by the National Bank of Poland (NBP) under no. 9319 provides its non-cash currency exchange services to thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses and institutions.