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Opinie o nas

Nick: Aga, dodano: 23 marca 2015 | 16:36
świetny kantor, szybko i dokładnie
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Nick: wierzma1, dodano: 23 marca 2015 | 09:50
Jak na początek to trochę dziwne. Np przy zakupie waluty, jest ona przetrzymywana na ...
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Nick: klamik, dodano: 1 lutego 2015 | 00:28
Szybko, sprawnie, rzetelmnie i bezproblemowo
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Exchange with us!
Safe, cheap & on-line.
3 years long at your service. 

It's easy!
1) use your bank account to top up your wallet with the currency you are going to exchange
2) request the exchange and confirm the rate
3) withdraw your money to the bank at home or abroad.
With us you can exchange without any limits!

We accept transfers:
>from each country,
>from each kind of bank account. 

Exchange currencies without any limits!
After your advance payment has been posted in your account, you will receive a confirmation.
We charge no fees for accepting transfers from our clients.
Top up your wallet, exchange and withdraw. 

101 currency pairs!
Exchange directly: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, ... 

It's worth it!
Select the currency pair you need, check the exchange rate,
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Withdraw your money after exchange
Directly from our website
To the bank at home or abroad!

Using our website, you can save extra money!
We offer the lowest prices for transferring currencies after exchange,
No commission!
Fixed fee of EUR 0 to EUR 1.25 for transferring EUR, urgent payment, SEPA.
Other transfers from EUR 0 to EUR 2.5 per transfer, urgent payment, SWIFT, SHA

Update in 15 seconds WE BUY WE SELL
EUR/USD EUR/USD 1,0755 1,0873
EUR/GBP EUR/GBP 0,7259 0,73476
GBP/USD GBP/USD 1,4705 1,48893
USD/RUB USD/RUB 57,3147 58,3402
USD/JPY USD/JPY 119,659 121,234


Currency Converter

Rate: 1 EUR = 3,45678 PLN


You will receive: 18000.45 EUR

Do you manage a business/finance?

  • exchange without any limits
  • trade currency crosses
  • transfer abroad


Do you work abroad?

  • transfer currencies from abroad
  • sell at the most advantageous exchange rates
  • withdraw, without any limits


Are you going abroad?

  • before you leave, buy on our website
  • take advantage of the most advantageous exchange rates


Do you save in foreign currencies?

  • diversify your currency risk
  • save currencies instead of playing on the FOREX market!


We process transactions with all banks

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